Channel Partners

Join the SAM Partner Program to benefit from a wide range of exclusive resources and affiliation with a world-class brand and product portfolio.

More Information for Channel Partners

The SAM Partner Program aims to provide partners with greater market differentiation, accelerated sales and technical competences across the SAM product portfolio, and access to a world-class support system.

The Portal ensures that SAM Channel Partners can access the full range of tools and information needed as well as take the same sets of Certification Training courses that SAM's own Sales and Engineering teams take.

SAM is also rolling out an ever expanding range of reseller orientated products where Partners can expect healthy discounts, short lead times, quick response times along with good technical support. All Channel Partners are supported by their local Account Manager as well as a centralised Partner support team. 
Here are just some of the features and benefits Channel Partners can expect;


Opportunities View your organizations opportunities within the portal
Sales Resources Additional information to help you win business
Leads Priority access to Leads
Discounts Preferred discounts on the core partner orientated products
Business Planning Work with your SAM Account Manager to agree on a plan for the year


Co-branding Add your own company logo to a wide range of marketing collateral
Partner Communications Keep up to date with news from the SAM Partner team
Joint Press Activities Tell us your news and our Marketing Communications team will work with you


Training / On-boarding

All Partners are encouraged to visit the SAM Academy where they'll have access to same range of courses that our own staff undertake. Users can apply the knowledge gained to obtain recognised individual certifications which also correlates to their organisation having specialist status.

Content and Collateral

There’s also a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) which provides the backbone of the system. Here you’ll find a wealth of invaluable information to help you with all areas of your business such as;
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Case Studies / White Papers
  • Battle Cards
  • Videos

Your organisation is also likely to need portal access across a multitude of different screens and devices. The portal covers them all, so if you’re in the office on a PC or in front of a customer on a tablet / smartphone, you can be assured of access wherever you are.

The assigned Primary contact at the partner organisation is also empowered to invite their own colleagues on to the portal as well as ensure their company information is updated on the Partner Locator which customers will view from the main SAM website.

Partner Types

SAM operates with 2 different types of reseller partner, these are Channel Partner and Associate Partner. The definitions of each are described below;

Channel Partner

Channel Partners are expected to take the lead in promoting, selling and supporting SAM’s product portfolio within their own geographically defined region. It’s expected that SAM Channel Partners will engage fully with all aspects of the Program including annual business plans, Training and Co-branding.

SAM Channel Partners will have signed a non-exclusive Channel Partner agreement which defines the countries in which they operate along with their agreed list of SAM products they are authorised to sell.

Associate Partner

Associate Partners are expected to resell some or all of the SAM portfolio calling upon resources made available via the SAM Partner Portal.